Our History

Since our foundation in 1999 we work in Berlin, doing research and developing study programs in cooperation with universities and companies in Germany and abroad.

IMBC stands for Information Management and Business Computing. The addition "Institute for Information Processing" shows that we emerged from a public university, the HTW Berlin, and work close to universities.

As a spin-off from the business informatics and company environmental informatics programs, we have acquired expertise over many years in application-oriented study programs and training courses.

We are proud of our international Master's degree programmes developed for Latin American and African universities. They run very successfully in Argentina, Cuba, Mozambique and Tanzania. In other universities, we develop modules that can be chosen as specializations within the framework of other courses.

Actual Activities with our Partner University FHM

For students who want to study in Germany, we have developed the Master's degree programme "ITTM – International Technology Transfer Management", which has been held in Berlin since 2016.

Since 2018, ITTM has been running at the FHM - University of Applied Sciences for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises.

Our partner university FHM was founded in 2000 and has eight branches in Germany, over 5000 students, 100 professors and 400 lecturers from companies. Berlin is the International Campus.

Every semester, more than 100 prospective students send their application documents for the international itTM study programme. Many of them meet the access requirements and can then be enrolled.
In addition, the study programme "International Management" can also be studied at our partner university FHM, starting in October 2020.

Planning for the Future

We are currently developing three MBA study programs for the future:

„MBA and Technology“
with the major „Environment and Energy“;

MBA and Technology“
with the major „Mobility“;

MBA and Technology“ with the major „Data Science“.

These three programs will be offered by the FHM university beginning in October 2020.

Stay tuned.