International Management (M.A.)

Telephone conferences with team members in France and the United Kingdom, production facilities in South America, cooperation partners in China, customers in the USA and Australia: More and more companies see their growth opportunities abroad and are oriented towards a globalized world economy. This results in an enormous need for managers and professionals, in addition to a comprehensive economic understanding of intercultural and language skills.

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This English-language bachelors program Management and Technology is aimed at foreign applicants who want to qualify for the international labor market abroad or for jobs in internationally active companies.

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The M.Sc. International Technology Transfer Management (ITTM) is a unique program intended for anyone interested in an internationally oriented management career. The graduated ITTMs will mostly work in multinational companies and in an international context. The ITTM has been developed for Bachelor Degree holders in engeneering and business administration. Graduates with other degrees looking for a future career in International Technology Transfer Management are also encouraged to apply.

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The English-language Bachelor's programme "Digital Business Management" is aimed at students who wish to acquire scientific and practical skills for the digitisation of companies and thus become part of the digital world of tomorrow.


Der englischsprachige Bachelor-Studiengang „Business Administration & Technology“ kann mit dem Schwerpunkt Mechanical Engineering (ME) oder Energy & Environment (EE) studiert werden, um Kompetenzen für komplexe technische Prozesse und unternehmerisches Denken zu erwerben.

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