Course Content

The ITTM Master’s Program has been designed for students wishing to pursue an international career focused on exchanging technical knowledge between industrialized countries and emerging nations. Graduates will be in a position to assume roles as project and product managers along with other cross-functional management posts. These positions are usually taken at international companies and in international environments.

The highest priority is given to ensuring the students‘ professional advancement.

Educational Organization

For the program’s first three semesters, students will complete the 15 modules outlined in the curriculum. In the third semester, students will work on a practical project at an international company. The Master’s thesis is to be written in the fourth semester. Students are strongly advised to write their Master’s thesis based on an industrial project.

  • ECTS credits: 120
  • Diploma supplement: Yes
  • Course-related German language courses: Yes
  • Tuition fees: 13,900 EUR for the entire program (4 instalments of EUR 3,475 due by 15th of September and 15th of March, respectively.)
  • Enrollment fees: None
  • Language requirements: TOEFL 570/230/88, IELTS .5 or an equivalent proof
  • Academic requirements: Bachelor’s degree or higher. No working experience is required

The ITTM Master’s Program is a unique course intended for anyone interested in pursuing an internationally oriented management career. Graduates from the ITTM Master’s Program will in most cases go on to work for multinational companies at an international level.

The ITTM has been developed principally for students with a Bachelor’s Degree in engineering or business administration. Graduates with other degrees looking for a future career in international technology transfer management are also encouraged to apply.

The main objective of the program is to facilitate a student’s professional advancement. To ensure this objective is met, the scientific and practical experience of the lecturers and partners is of a very high standard.

The course has been designed to take into account most graduates‘ future careers. Its focus consequently lies in preparing students for work on the international stage. The in-course communication and collaboration technologies are exceptional, and all the core units have a uniquely practical relevance. Lecturers with industry knowledge and those who have been involved in industry-related projects provide students with practically relevant skills.

Companies need to incorporate developments in international production technologies and processes if they are to stay competitive on the world market. Successfully transferring those technological developments at both a local and international level is the hallmark of leading global firms.

In view of this, the bbw University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, Germany, has developed a Master’s Program (MSc.) in International Technology Transfer Management that provides graduates with the skills and knowhow to successfully perform the following:

  • manage international projects
  • safeguard international technology transfer processes
  • develop cooperative international support structures
  • reduce obstacles in emerging nations and developing countries
  • facilitate entrance into new markets
  • source competent local contact persons


The ITTM Master’s Program offered by the bbw University of Applied Sciences provides students with a balanced combination of technological and business knowhow in addition to training essential management skills.

Upon a successful completion of the course, graduates can expect an attractive array of job opportunities, especially with globally active enterprises, thanks to the diversified knowledge they have acquired within the field of international technology transfer. The course has been designed to ensure the acquired knowledge is directly applicable in practical situations.

The study program consists of four semesters. The first three semesters include seminars, lectures, projects and activities led by professors from bbw and guest lecturers from international companies. The Master’s thesis is to be written in the fourth semester.

In the Master’s thesis, students are encouraged to address scientifically challenging problems that may occur in a typical operational context. As such, every effort is made to ensure each Master’s thesis is undertaken with a participating company.

Why study in Berlin?

Because Berlin is the best city in Europe for young people!

The organization „Youthful Cities“ recently named Berlin the best city in Europe for young people. Jobs, public transport, internet connection as well as the local film and music scene were all assessed as part of the rating. Berlin has a lot to offer in every aspect. Adding to its appeal is the mix of different cultures and people from all around the world. But the truly special thing about Berlin is that it still has a small town feeling: Every district has its own neighborhood and unique flair. That makes it perfect for those who want to both study and get a taste of life after finishing high school.

Even more great reasons to study at the bbw University of Applied Sciences in Berlin:

  • Affordable cost of living: Life in Berlin is cheaper for students than many other German cities.
  • Exciting student life: The countless bars, pubs and clubs in Berlin make for its legendary nightlife. During the day you can relax in any one of the city’s affordable and stylish cafés. Or you can head to the more unusual locations like the Mauerpark in Prenzlauer Berg, the beach bars in Mitte, or the Badeschiff in Treptow.
  • Music Mecca: Berlin is known worldwide for its electric, techno and house music scene. Some of the best DJs have played here, and many record companies produce their major hits in the city.
  • Fashion City: You can see it on the streets and in stores: the trends of tomorrow. Luxury and glamor can be seen side by side with new looks that challenge the status quo. The diversity here has made the city’s fashion scene internationally renowned.
  • Arts & Culture: The art scene in Berlin is constantly buzzing. Thousands of exhibitions, an impressive array of museums and cultural centers as well as innovative galleries tucked away in quiet courtyards and multicultural weekend markets are all waiting to be discovered.
  • Nature: It may be hard to believe, but Berlin is the greenest metropolis in the world! No other city has as many parks, forests, meadows, canals, rivers and lakes as the German capital.
Work and Career

The Master’s degree in International Technology Transfer Management (ITTM) qualifies graduates to work in various industries and areas of responsibility. The international labor market currently requires the skills taught during the course, and will do so for the foreseeable future. The program goes a long way to quantitatively address that demand.

In addition to the knowledge acquired during a Bachelor’s program, further training will be provided regarding the ways to manage the international transfer of modern and powerful technological products.

Students can acquire additional professional advantages to complement their business-oriented technology transfer skills by deepening their knowledge in at least two of the following fields of technology:

  • Environment and energy
  • Traffic management and logistics
  • Modern engineering and digital factories
  • Information and communication

The extensive knowledge in these fields, coupled with the business knowledge of the methodologies and strategies involved, gives graduates the academic background they need to be successful in the various fields of international technology transfer. As a global exporter of technological products, Germany has a particular need for such transfer experts. More than 60,000 technicians are currently being sought on the German labor market. But even emerging economies, which are increasingly looking to sell their products in developed countries, require the knowledge of experts to help them successfully approach such markets.

Due to their technical background and business skills, graduates of ITTM Master’s Program are extremely well positioned to head into the international job market.

ITTM graduates typically assume roles in areas such as consulting, technology marketing, product management and controlling.

Graduates from the program are of particular interest to companies operating in international markets. Employment chances are especially high at the companies where students have performed their internship and Master’s thesis.

ITTM graduates become a member of the international network of young professionals set up by the bbw University of Applied Sciences for students who successfully acquire their Master’s degree in the subject. The members of this growing alumni network will work in international businesses or take on positions in science or politics.


The course is conducted according to the curriculum detailed below. Business and management-oriented units are offered alongside training in four relevant fields of technology. Students are to select two fields which they are to successfully complete to obtain their Master’s degree.

The program is organized as follows:

In the first two semesters

  • Two modules will be spent looking at two different technology areas from
    • Environment and energy technologies
    • Advanced manufacturing technologies and „Smart Factories”
    • Logistics and mobility technologies
    • Information and communication technologies
  • Five modules will be used to address Technology Transfer Techniques and general management subareas.
  • For foreign students, 2 modules of German as a Foreign Language. German students will have the equivalent English instruction.

In the second semester

  • 2 modules of International Law
  • Technologies and Instruments of Technology
  • Product and Innovation Management

In the third semester

  • 2 modules of International Management and Intercultural Communication
  • 40% of the semester is scheduled so that students work on a practical project in a German company

In the fourth semester

  • 1 module for a scientific research seminar
  • final Master’s Thesis

Job Opportunities

Should you chose to work while studying, we recommend only taking on a casual or part-time job that does not require more than 10 to 15 hours a week due to the full-time nature of the course. The increasing internationalization of Berlin means more companies use English as the office language.



A Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) with at least 180 credits is required for acceptance into the ITTM Master’s Program. There are no special prerequisites regarding the type of study undertaken in the Bachelor’s degree.

Good English language skills that correspond to Level B of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages are required for the course. This language proficiency can be demonstrated with the following certificates:

  • ALTE level: Level 3
  • IELTS exam: minimum score of 5 – 6
  • TOEIC: score of 541 – 700
  • TOEFL iBT: minimum score 87
  • UNIcert: minimum UNIcert II
  • Successful completion of a Bachelor’s degree acquired in a completely English-speaking program

No language certificate is required if English is the official language of the applicant’s country of origin. German language skills are not required for the International Technology Transfer Management Master’s Program. However, a visa and residence permit is necessary to study in Germany.

Application Process

You may commence the ITTM Master’s Program in the winter semester (beginning October) or the summer semester (beginning April). The application deadlines for each respective semester are as follows:

  • Winter semester: 15thJuly
  • Summer semester: 15th January

Application documents

To apply for the ITTM Master’s Program, please print, complete and sign the application form. This document must be scanned and emailed to the bbw University together with the following supporting (scanned) documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Copy of the Bachelor degree certificate with final course results sheet (if necessary, include a translation into English or German)
  • Proof of English language skills
  • Copy of passport or identity card

You can download our application form here.

The application documents must be sent by email to:



The tuition fees for the entire four-semester program amount to 13,900 EUR. The fees are payable in installments of 3,475 EUR at the beginning of each semester.

Registration fees: None